The Masked Ball is a spectacular themed party staged in Cornwall by some friends and since its conception in 2006 it has grown into a multilevel party kingdom where themed venues range from outrageous to downright unsavoury and spectacular, where a mélange of fascinating entertainment emanates from the many nooks and crannies in the ultimate ringmaster's den of iniquity: myriad rooms, dens, dance floors, hidden bars, bathtubs, world-class dance clubs and an unrivalled line-up of international DJs playing hip-hop to country.

The different covered and outdoor areas of The Masked Ball are themed around a stately home, Such as ‘The Grand Ball Room’, ‘The Drawing Room’ and The Study etc. Each with its own carefully created and curated by one big group of friends with so much detail that it feels incredibly decadent.

For 2016 our programme looks like this…

Feast Friday

Pull up a pew at our long table in the Grand Ball Room for a relaxed dining experience like no other. Meet up with friends old and new, take in the sea view - then get loose on the dance floor, as you limber up for the main event. This feast of fun will fill your tank, whet your appetite and get you salivating for Saturday's shenanigans.

Celebration Saturday

Dress up, get down, go wild! This is the big one! Join thousands of Ballers, all dressed to impress, on their journey of discovery through the festival site, set to a pumping soundtrack provided by the cream of the electronica and dance scene. It's time to party until sunrise with the coolest, craziest and most colourful crowd in festival land.

Survivor Sunday

Still not done yet? Good. Neither are we. The Masked Ball's infamous Sunday session is for those truly dedicated hedonists who just can't get enough and have the stamina of endurance athletes. The Ball is a marathon, not a sprint - be there at the finishing line. It's not big and it's not clever, but getting twisted on a Sunday is what we love to do best.


Dates: Friday 20 - Sunday 22 May 2016
Address: Beacon Craig, Porthleven, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 9LA
Age Restrictions: Under 18s are not permitted to The Masked Ball or Halloween Ball
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Taking inspiration from Charles de Beistegui’s famous costume ball. ‘The Beistegui Ball’, that stands in social history as one of the - if not the - most famous balls of the 20th century, the ball was attended by artists, aristocrats and millionaires from the entire world.”

Quotes from ‘The Beistegui Ball’

“There’s a pleasing concordance that the costumes that gauzy, dreamy night were designed with myth in mind, and now—so many years later—the party itself has entered into the realm of myth.”

“Apart from these displays and the spectacle of the costumed guests, "the supper was good, and the drink plentiful". Some of the guests did not get home till 6 am”

"...the event epitomised the return of luxury to a post-world war society. For it was in the tradition of the outrageous legendary pre-war stunt parties”

“The host, “Charlie” to his host of acquaintances—he had few friends—was the heir to a galumphing Mexican silver fortune, who was born in France, educated at Eton, only visited his homeland twice in his life, and was considered highly eccentric in a period of high-profile rich eccentrics.”

“It was the first grand party after the privations of World War II and, therefore, the first opportunity to astound. Invitations went out six months before for people to have time to get ready, have the costumes made and travel to Venice. Travelling to Venice in 1951 could be an adventure as boat and train could took five days.”

“Beistegui bought Palazzo Labia it’s rare to come across an allusion to the fact that the word also means the lips of the vagina - located in the Cannaregio area of Venice - at the end of the 40s and filled it with many works of arts, tapestries and antiques, turning it into a magnificent example of what was later called “Beistegui style” 

“The ball was a lavish party and newspapers were full of it. All over Europe the expectant guests were worrying over their costumes and preparing for the great night. The guests elaborated majestic entrances to the ball that were rehearsed for days before.”

“Christian Dior's costume was designed by Dali and Dali's costume was designed by Christian Dior. Some guests, like Barbara Hutton, spent up to 15,000 dollars in their costumes”

“The Glass of Fashion, "[he was] obsessed by the old houses that bear traces of the tastes and habits of successive generations." (Quote: Anderson, J., Tiepolo's Cleopatra, 2003:165)”

"No mere party giver, he was the producer of brilliant social events, works of art with themes, carried out to the last expensive detail."… ~ Dominick Dunne

“Beistegui's 1951 Venetian ball, Fête de Fêtes, was such a party and  in time, has surpassed any other night of its calibre; it has since acquired the lustre of a fable, mythologised and chronicled in countless memoirs, diaries and reminiscences. (Quote: Anderson, J., Tiepolo's Cleopatra, 2003:162)”

“And the Palazzo Labia? It’s on the Grand Canal. And, as you pry through the voluminous archive, it’s rare to come across an allusion to the fact that the word also means the lips of the vagina. Perhaps the word was too clinical for that class at that time. But what class was that? A thousand were invited six months in advance to allow for the creation of the elaborate costumery which had been the mainspring of such events in the pre-war years. It also allowed time for much politicking as the uninvited gossiped and schemed.”

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